To use the Teams videoconferencing system installed in Ateliers A1 and A2 (meeting rooms) at unlimitrust campus, please read the instructions below:

Atelier A1 at unlimitrust campus

1. Prepare your meeting

  1. You have checked the availability of the meeting rooms and have booked it using the campus app.
  2. If you use Teams, you can invite the room in your calendar. or


Download the campus app in the Play store

2. Start your meeting

A – Microsoft Users

  1. If you have invited the room in your calendar, your reservation will appear on the console on the table.
  2. Click JOIN
  3. You can otherwise invite people in Teams directly from the console on the table.

B – Other Systems

  1. Connect to the cable.
  2. Start your meeting

3. It's not working

You may need a driver update. If the update hasn’t automatically started (this may take up to 2 minutes), contact your IT for an update of your drivers.