Flex at unlimitrust

In response to the evolving needs of our vibrant ecosystem, unlimitrust introduces its very own Flex space.

Transformed from two levels of our main building, this space is meticulously designed for small to medium entities looking for an agile, inclusive and premium environment upheld by uncompromising security standards.


Flex at unlimitrust is a vibrant community of innovators

Flex at unlimitrust isn’t just a space; it’s a catalyst for growth.

Tailored to cater to diverse business needs, it offers the choice between private offices and collaborative open co-working areas.

As a member, access fully furnished shared zones, connected meeting rooms, and bring your energy to a bustling cafeteria.

Offices & Co-working

Locate your company from 36 private office spaces ranging from 17m² to 180m²

  • One year minimum commitment period
  • From 1’680 CHF/month for a private office size S
  • From 3’360 CHF/month for a private office size M

Choose your own workstation in the 240m² co-working space

  • One year minimum commitment period
  • From 150 CHF/month for your workstation in the co-working

Meeting Rooms and shared working areas

Enjoy 9 thoughtfully crafted meeting rooms open to all members.

Engage in the comfort of 6 vibrant shared working zones, free of charge.

Modern Cafeteria

Enjoy a coffee break or a quick lunch with the team in a fully furnished and kitted out kitchen.

Thank you for your interest in the Flex at unlimitrust!

Because innovators need sparring partners, we are launching the Flex as a new way of working.
It would be great if you could join!
Contact us today and read more on this page.

Pascal Marmier Unlimitrust Campus
Pascal Marmier
unlimitrust campus director

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campus unlimitrust at night

unlimitrust campus

Flex is nestled within the unlimitrust campus, offering landscaped green exteriors, additional connected meeting and conference rooms, and delightful culinary experiences with fresh, catered foods.