Where trust is a shared value, innovation thrives.

Trust is more valuable than ever in today’s digital world. The quality and authenticity of every interaction matters – and the Economy of Trust is a key enabler. It lies at the heart of innovation and is the foundation for peace and security in a resilient, social and sustainable economy.

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Philosophy of the Economy of Trust.

An economy based on trust adds value by giving everyone confidence as they conduct their business and relationships across the physical and digital worlds. Transparency, shared knowledge, shared consent, auditability, accountability and protection of physical or digital assets are the underlying forces of the Economy of Trust.

At the unlimitrust campus, we want to join forces with innovative companies to provide the tools to generate confidence in the economy and bolster trust in the long-term.

“In a globalised world, trust is the main driver of economic growth,
a crucial element in creating confidence in our interconnected societies.”

The three pillars of the Economy of Trust.

Modern-day production and consumption models have made trust more important than ever. Trust is the backbone of business growth. It guarantees the proper functioning of state institutions and organisations. But it requires constant adaptations that take full advantage of the latest technologies. For this reason, companies within the unlimitrust community will focus on developing solutions for three pillars of the economy of Trust.

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Trusted Supply Chains.

The Economy of Trust plays a key role in shaping sustainable practices. Transparency, traceability and information throughout the supply chain enable producers and consumers to make the right choices, contributing to a more responsible world. If society is to move away from the “take, make, use, dispose of” production and consumption model, it is essential to know what raw materials the finished products contain and whether they can be recycled.

Physical and chemical fingerprints will be key enablers for a sustainable economy, providing biometric information about a product including traces of the environment it was manufactured or produced in. Likewise, digital traceability technologies will transparently capture and record a product’s every movement as it passes along the supply chain.

unlimitrust Health


The advent of digital technology has made it possible to consider health in a holistic way. And the benefits of this shift are already perceptible – from the response of health systems to crises and the improvement of human habitats, to our ability to fight new diseases and the ways individuals are acting to improve their own health. This higher level of understanding of health issues and policies is based on the recognition that humans, animals and the environment are interdependent.

Big data processing and analytics allow both the public and private sectors to consider, cross-reference and interpret the social and environmental determinants of health. This is a major step forward in our ability to develop future health preservation and improvement strategies.

Overtime is something all successful people must do


The large-scale digitisation of services goes hand in hand with the protection of privacy and the security of exchanges. Trust is no longer just a competitive advantage – it is a strategic necessity.

Digital risk is present in every part of economic and political life, from central bank currencies, personal identities and electronic voting to medical records, emails and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In every case, the underlying technologies must meet security challenges, because the very survival of these services depends on reliable identities and authentications – that is, on the ability of users to prove their rights and legitimacy. On a personal level, everyone has a right to easy-to-use and trustworthy digital technologies in their private, professional and civic life.

Innovators need sparring partners.

Are you a tech developer? Is your organisation embracing trusted practices? Are you working on new policies?

At the unlimitrust campus, you’ll find opportunities to collaborate with start-ups, corporates, investors, academics, institutions and other organisations, all working to guarantee the sustainability and security of products, services and people.

The Unlimitrust community: Helping innovators go further.

The unlimitrust community is a platform for progress, providing a wealth of opportunities to share knowledge and experience and accelerate innovation. Through programmes, events and meetings, community members can connect with like-minded people and organisations and build collaborative relationships. And with partners such as SICPA, EPFL Innovation Park and the Trust Valley playing an active role in campus life, the community is a place to mobilise resources, innovate and learn from one another.

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