About unlimitrust.

Trust is the backbone of society. It is called into question today and requires a root-and-branch response. Through the unlimitrust campus and community initiated by SICPA, we call on thought leaders to mobilise their expertise to build a more trustworthy world where interactions of every kind can be conducted safely.

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What you will see on unlimitrust campus.

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The FOUNDATION FOR THE economy of trust.

The Foundation for the Economy of Trust, created by SICPA, will promote the topic of the Economy of Trust by building an international community of thought leaders and innovators who want to support resilient and sustainable economies. Visit: eotfoundation.ch

It will propose programmes to initiate and accelerate innovation in the application of trust-related technologies and organise events to connect people and foster collaboration.

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A Sicpa initiative.

SICPA has built its business on trust. It’s been that way for nearly 100 years, and it will remain so in the future. Trust underpins everything from a handshake to the technology behind ride-sharing apps, e-commerce and online voting. Yet trust is constantly challenged as physical and digital interactions merge. 

SICPA has developed the unlimitrust campus as a way to reinforce trust – for governments, businesses and millions of individuals around the world. The unlimitrust innovation ecosystem will foster new partnerships focused on advancing the Economy of Trust. That’s because citizens rightly expect – and deserve – to interact with their institutions and conduct their business safely, in both the physical and digital worlds.

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The Unlimitrust campus.

The campus is specifically designed to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members, looking to develop or adopt physical and digital trust solutions. Programmes, events and activities will be organised for and by the community, driving creativity and innovation forward.

Local area map of Prilly, Lausanne west, Switzerland. Public and private transport access.

Local area map.

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